Fat Lucky's Upholstery Circle City Hot Rods Austin Healey bucket seats 1929 Ford roadster
07 Nov 12

Circle City Hot Rods 29 Ford

Gettin’ started on my next project in the shop- another collaboration with my friends at Circle City Hot Rods. This time it’s a 1929 Ford roadster using some old Austin [&hellip

fat lucky's custom upholstery hand stitching
21 Sep 12

Today I’m attempting to hand stitch for the first time. Suddenly I have a whole new respect for the guys that do this kind of work

distressed/recycled leather solo seats
12 Sep 12

Recycling leather

I recycled some old seat leather out of a 1970 Mercedes 280 SEL and a 1979 Mercedes 300TD to use on some motorcycle seats. I really like the distressed look [&hellip

Fat Lucky's sewing
04 Sep 12

Night shift

Elaine Reid stopped by for a visit the other night and snapped some pics on with her phone while I stitched up the sisal floormats. Come visit anytime Elaine!

Blue and tan Sisal mats
26 Aug 12

Sisal mats part 2

I got a couple more sets of sisal floormats stitched up, I’m really diggin’ the blue and tan combo. That’s an old painting I did in the background

Speedway Bomber seats
03 Aug 12

Speedway Bomber

I dusted off an old project last night and put a couple hours in. These are just plain-jane Speedway bomber seats, but not for long&#

Brown Sisal floor mats
02 Aug 12

Sisal mats

I’m sewing up some custom sisal floor mats today. natural fiber mats have always been popular in European cars, but I’ve never seen them in American classics (except for Cameron [&hellip

Mercedes Benz 280 SEL at sunset
25 Jul 12

Now that’s a sunset!

One last cruise in the 280 SEL before tearing the seats out. The Mercedes gets all new leather and the original Mercedes leather gets recycled into motorcycle seats

1934 Ford Delivery wood
09 Jun 12

Carpentry practice in the 34 Ford

I’ve been cutting and fitting a lot of oak. I like this woodworking stuff more and more. Possible career change

1934 Ford Delivery custom bench seat
25 May 12

Making progress

on the 34 this week!

50's roadside side chair
23 May 12

50’s side chair project begins

I plucked this chair out of it’s roadside grave and plopped it into my furniture orphanage, where it has been adopted by one of the customers from the Mercedes half [&hellip

1934 Ford panel delivery
18 May 12

Busy busy…

This week I moved another trailer load to LA and I’m setting up the new space. Already got my first hot rod in here! A ’34 Ford Delivery

13 May 12

Rusty’s busted springs

Usually I have to repair or replace 3 or 4 broken springs. This time I had to repair and replace this entire thing. There was some discussion about possibly scrapping [&hellip

Staple in my thumb
11 May 12

Thumbs up!

This is a good omen! All my best work has my blood on it, and this started bleeding like crazy when I pulled the staple out. It’s gonna be a [&hellip

Rat rod upholstery
25 Apr 12

Now with 20% more rat!

I found this guy and his wife entombed inside a 1959 Cadillac seat. His wife was pretty ugly

1964 Cadillac Fleetwood
12 Apr 12

1964 Cadillac pics

Just a gallery of the 64 Caddy updates I did on Instagram

Fat Lucky's Panhead seat
04 Apr 12

Greg’s Panhead seat

I wrapped up this seat just in time for my buddy Greg to get his bike out to Born Free. That’s the 64 Caddy tooled leather job in the background. 

Glide seat side cover
29 Feb 12

Seat hinge makeover

A little before and after of the Glide seat recliner mechanism in the 37. It’s still a plastic box on the side of the seat, but I think it’s a [&hellip

1937 Ford pickup
28 Feb 12

37 Ford pics

Just some of my 37 Ford pickup update pics from Instagram

Collings Guitars mandolin case
17 Jan 12

Collings Guitars

I’ve been spending some time consulting Bill from Collings Guitars about materials and methods for finishing out their new mandolin cases. After they go into production I think I’m gonna [&hellip

The new home of Fat Lucky's
24 Nov 11


After the years of overworking myself, burning out, dropping out, and roaming the world as self-unemployed upholsterer vagabond I’m officially back in business. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you [&hellip

1958 Volkswagen seats
10 Nov 11

1958 VW Seats

Making progress in the shop this week. Got these 1958 Volkswagen seats all finished up

Consew leather skiving machine
06 Nov 11

Leather skiver!

New equipment in the shop- I got a leather skiving machine. This thing will shave a piece of leather paper thin. I haven’t yet found out how thin it will [&hellip

Casino Royale torture chair
18 Oct 11

Casino Royale before and after

I have so many big projects with no clear ending, I decided to take some time today to do something small, just so I can feel some sense of accomplishment. [&hellip

1968 Mercury Commuter wagon
18 Oct 11

1968 Mercury Commuter

The new Fat Lucky’s grocery getter. Literally the first thing I did in this car was go get groceries. I jumped fences, I traded sides, I swapped my Cadillac for [&hellip

Coker blackwall Firestone bubble
14 Oct 11

Bubble Trouble Update

Still growing strong! I gotta say the people at Coker Tire may have sold me a bubble, but their warranty is pretty good and their customer service is excellent. I [&hellip

Long Way thumb
13 Oct 11

A Long Way, the complete video trilogy

My latest adventure with JG- Fairbanks, Alaska to Los Angeles, California in a ’76 Mercedes- caught on tape by the good folks at Mercedes Benz. What else was I gonna [&hellip

Coker Firestone Bubble Trouble
12 Oct 11

Bubble Trouble

I don’t usually keep track of what day it is, but I get the feeling that today is Monday

1958 VW interior construction
07 Oct 11

3 feet high and rising

Out in the upholstery shop I’m up to my kneecaps in leather. I’ll be up to my armpits pretty soon, and I think I can see drowning on the horizon. [&hellip

1937 Ford pickup
27 Sep 11

Endless Summer ended

and I’m back to work in the upholstery shop. This time on a 1937 Ford pickup

DicE Magazine party
25 Sep 11

DicE/Tri-Co grand opening shindig

I showed up late and only took one picture. I didn’t really care about the party as much as I cared about getting some truffle cheese fries next door at [&hellip

Kwik's 1963 Impala
11 Sep 11

In the beginning

I just stumbled across these pictures of the very first car I ever upholstered, Kwik’s 1963 Impala. Looks terrible, doesn’t it? This was in 1994 (I think) in my hometown- [&hellip

Alaska road trip Mercedes
31 Aug 11


My latest roadtrip got picked up by Autoblog. Summer Vacation’s almost over, next stop- workaholism relapse in Austin. Autoblog- Classic Mercedes Benz proves to be perfect west coast road trip

Mercedes W115 oil pan repair
15 Aug 11

Summer vacation continued

The Achilles’ Heel of 70’s Mercedes? Gotta be the oil pan. This time we’re fixing it roadside in Beaver Creek, Canada

Picture 1
07 Aug 11

Cuttin’ the Rug, a video

Havin’ some backyard fun at JG’s place

Brock's Rocket
24 Jun 11

Summer vacation

Off the beaten path with the talented Jeff Brock, talkin’ art, land speed racing, and some cool future collaboration

Koolsville, Kansas
19 Jun 11


Officially I’m in Kansas to start the interior on McPhail’s 58, but really I’m just cruising the backroads with Jeff Myers and the gang

Amarillo Mercedes Hooter's
10 Jun 11

Amarillo Hootep’s

Suddenly I find myself driving a 1975 Mercedes across the country. Pit stop in Amarillo to pay off an old debt. Tomorrow Austin where I will be working 24 hours [&hellip

Berlin art car
27 May 11


Two things got upside down in Berlin- this car and my bank account

Prague Model A Ford
24 May 11


Hunting for old Russian cameras & lenses in Prague

Coupe Devils Rod and Custom Bonanza
22 May 11


I survived my first Coupe Devils Rod & Kustom Bonanza in Oslo, Norway. Amazing show- thanks for everything guys!! Here’s a teaser pic-

Amsterdam microcar
14 May 11


Travel update: Amsterdam. On the way to the Coupe Devils’ Bonanza in Norway

Fat Lucky's pinstripe stitching
05 May 11

Continental Gallery tonight!

I’ve got a couple pieces hanging in the Continental gallery starting tonight

Fat Lucky's custom trim rings
03 May 11

Trim rings

I pulled these things out of a 56 Chevy to use for the shift boot and column/pedal trim rings. *update* The finished product! Turned out pretty good I think

32 Brookville Fat Lucky's interior
23 Apr 11

Crawling along

32 update. If you thought this thing would be done by now you’re not the only one. I thought this thing would be done a long time ago!

Hot rod office chair
17 Apr 11

Rodder’s office chair

Steve talked me into upholstering his office chair to go along with his

55 sketch_thumb
27 Mar 11

The Austin Speed Shop 55 Chevy with it’s pants off.

In honor of Dr. Dan’s 55 Chevy being in Rod and Custom magazine this month I thought I would show everybody a behind the scenes look at the interior build-up. [&hellip

Brookville 32 Ford Fat Lucky's interior
26 Mar 11

Groundhog Day

Ever feel like you’re in the movie ‘Groundhog Day’? Another black 32, another car show, another week without sleep

Modern chairs or Dragster buckets?
19 Mar 11

60’s Drag Buckets

I picked these up this morning. Anybody building a 60’s style drag car/show rod

Shamrock seat
18 Mar 11

St. Patrick’s Day

I inadvertently spent St. Patrick’s day stitching a shamrock into a long overdue bicycle seat project

Orange Zodiac
10 Feb 11

Goin’ home

Got things wrapped up in California- no pun intended. Next stop Austin to finish the Bass 32 roadster

Mercedes Benz Documentary
03 Feb 11

Classics- A Way Of Life

Taking a break from my hectic upholstery schedule to make a cameo appearance in a short documentary for Mercedes Benz.tv Here we are rollin’ through the high desert in G.J.’s [&hellip

Fat Lucky's X-mas stars
08 Dec 10

Step by step- Upholstered star ornament.

I stumbled across this holiday star how-to in the December 1965 issue of Popular Mechanics and it inspired me to make my own Christmas tree ornaments. This is a brief [&hellip

Danish Modern Beauty
05 Dec 10

Empty Space! pt. 2

I had some time to finish my side project this morning. Next stop: craigslist

Danish Beauty
30 Nov 10

Empty space!

My garage is empty today! I’m not quite sure what to do with all the open space. I might have a solo dance party tonight, or possibly spend the evening [&hellip

32 Ford roadster top
28 Nov 10

Reggie’s 32 top

I have spent years doing everything possible to avoid doing tops… and here I am making a pattern for Reggie’s 32. More on this soon

Morrocan Couch
25 Oct 10

Something a little different

Here’s a dumpster couch that I rescued and upholstered about ten years ago, using vintage cloth that I got in San Francisco in

Reggie's F-100 bench
22 Oct 10

Reggie’s bench

A few years ago my friend Reggie gave me a 700-R4 for my truck. I finally repaid him by covering this bench seat for his truck. It started out as [&hellip

Day of the Drags Kodachrome
21 Oct 10


Day of the Drags. Shot on a roll of Kodachrome that’s been expired for 20+ years

Fat Lucky's skateboard
19 Oct 10

Tobias Albert Benefit skate.

Just finished this skate deck. I’m donating it to an auction benefitting pro skater Tobias Albert who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Hopefully it will help raise some money for [&hellip

Indian Red sunset
23 Aug 10

Indian red sunset

The upholstery career is still in limbo while I continue to drive these old Mercs around the country taking photos

Fat Lucky's mini-bike
04 Jul 10

‎4th of July!

Time to break out the beer, fireworks, mini-bikes, and bandages- basically just like every other weekend

Rod and Custom
03 Jun 10

Rod and custom cover car

The blue Merc I did is in print this month!

Mercedes oil pan repair
01 Jun 10

Business as usual

We ripped a big hole in the oil pan while performing a high speed suspension test on a middle of nowhere dirt road in northern New Mexico. Seven hours and [&hellip

Mercedes rainbow
26 May 10


Does this Mercedes make me look gay

Mercedes Motoring workshop
13 Mar 10

JG’s Mercedes

JG’s workshop… Helping him re-foam his Mercedes seats

1980 Mercedes 300D
04 Mar 10

Doin’ dirt

Finally having some fun on this road trip!!

Fat Lucky's new Singer
01 Mar 10

Git back to werk!

Alabama backroads

28 Feb 10

Asheville -> Los Angeles

Back on the road- Asheville to Los Angeles in an 80 Mercedes

Circle City Hot Rods 31 Ford Vicky headliner
06 Feb 10

CCHR Vicky pt. 4

Anybody have some White-Out I can borrow? I need to make a few corrections&#

Circle City Hot Rods 31 Ford Vicky
03 Feb 10

CCHR Vicky pt. 3

Making big strides on Operation Baby Steps&#

Circle City Hot Rods 31 Ford Vicky
24 Jan 10

CCHR Vicky pt. 2

Still doesn’t look like much

Circle City Hot Rods 31 Ford Vicky
19 Jan 10

Circle City Vicky

Helping my friends at Circle City Hot Rods put together a 31 Vicky… doesn’t look like much yet, does it

Mercedes Motoring
06 Jan 10

Mercedes Motoring

Nice little change of pace- I’ve been helping a friend restore these three Mercs in Costa Mesa. Mercedes Motoring

Fat Lucky Christmas 1990
25 Dec 09

Fat Lucky

Christmas 1990… The young pup Lucky dressed as a reindeer. Happy Holidays kids!!

Upholstered Banana
28 Nov 09

Benefit auction bonus!

I’m donating another skateboard to the Tobias Albert benefit auction… check it out here