The Austin Speed Shop 55 Chevy with it’s pants off.

In honor of Dr. Dan’s 55 Chevy being in Rod and Custom magazine this month I thought I would show everybody a behind the scenes look at the interior build-up. Originally this car was going to have a gold fabric interior, but the gold paint turned out to be way more vibrant than the fabric, so that idea got scrapped. Upon arrival back at the drawing board I started thinking about all my favorite 60′s style custom interiors. Every single one I could think of was white. White interiors stand out. Black interiors, apart from being seldom done in customs, just seem to sort of visually disappear. It seemed obvious what had to be done- a black interior that pops. And not only that, but an interior full of my favorite ingredients: Lots of tuck and roll, four bucket seats, a full length console, everything custom. ┬áDr. Dan, If you’re out there reading this, thank you for giving me the opportunity to indulge my creative vision inside your car, and congratulations on the magazine write-up this month!